iPad with Huddleboard app on screen


Design and Develop

Animated Playbook

Huddle up! I designed and developed the Huddleboard iPad app for sports coaches to quickly demonstrate a play or strategy to their team using animated player positions. I was given a brief description of the idea from a client, and tasked to bring the app to life. I created every aspect of this app. From sketches, mockups, play surfaces, user experience, to writing core graphics, developing all functionality and publishing in the app storeā€¦

Soccer play book annotations and pathways on huddleboard ipad app

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Record and drag the X and O players to animate positions.

Record Plays

Tap the record button and move players as needed. Append additional player movements as you go.

Soccer play with animation scrubber along bottom of image

Play Scrubber

Quickly scrub through the animations to find the exact moments for complex play recordings.

Soccer play with animation scrubber along bottom of image

Drag and Drop

Easily move players and items around the play surface. Position everyone to capture the play.

Choose the sport you want to make plays with
List of stored plays

Save & Edit Plays

Prepare plays before presenting them to the team, save plays and edit existing plays.

Multiple devices sharing the same huddle file.

Share Plays

Send plays to coworkers and other members in your organization.

Sample plays available for purchase

Buy Plays

Purchase historical or famous plays from the store. Study the pro plays and learn.

Label players for easy identification on huddleboard ipad app
Annotated soccer pitch with play instructions.

Draw & Annotate

Draw additional play lines and jot notes on the play surface to quickly communicate and emphasize your vision.

Change the annotation colours

Path Colours

Set different path colours for easier identification of players or drawing attention to special movements.

Changing colour of the player

Player Colours

Change the player colours for each team, or assign unique colours to specific players on the screen.

Football play on huddleboard animated play book
Zoom and Pan

Zoom & Pan

Quickly pan around the play surface with three fingers and then switch to zooming in and out with two fingers on specific areas of the play surface.

Change play surface boundary opacity

Boundary Opacity

Help your players focus on the fundamentals of your play and not get distracted by extra visuals. Adjust the play surface boundary opacity to suit your needs.

Undo recordings and annotations


Undo drawings, annotations and movement recordings. Full control to communicate the plays and your ideas.

iPad on the field


Given a brief description of the app and the desired capabilities from the client, I designed all of the user interfaces, created animations, wrote the entire app in Objective-C, created app store visuals, and made a support/promotional website.


  • Objective-C
  • PHP


  • Photoshop
  • Xcode