2024 Growth

Micro Commitments

January 1, 2024

Morning Meditation

Unplug and sit in silence for 1-15 minutes: intention, focus, connect, insight, inspired action. Do after showering.

Happy Hour

For 60 minutes, focus on advancing a personal project; develop, design, create. First thing in the morning.

Try-It Tuesday

Dedicate 1-60 minutes to trying something new, or improving a skill; try a tutorial, reflect, write, repeat. Fusion 360, Photoshop, Scala, CNC, Sewing, Cooking, etc.

Writing Wednesday

For 1-60 minutes write. Topic ideas: learned about, proud of, worked on, a challenge, success, failure, book review, scared of, childhood, goals, ideas, etc.

Semana Social

Connect in-person with loved ones. Go for a walk, enjoy a glass of wine, host games nights, experience an activity, try something new, cook dinner, etc. Get together, face to face.

Read Regularly

Read at least 1 page or more before bed. Aim for 1 chapter. Balance the fiction and non-fiction. Stretch my body while reading.

Fresh Friday

Cold plunge in the lake, balance in hot yoga, walk up a mountain, work from a coffee shop or a library.

Gratitude Glow

Every Sunday at lunch, write down as many great or funny things that happened this week. Put it in a jar. Fill the jar.

Stair Squats

Every trip up the stairs requires six deep squats, six calf lifts, and six step downs — as much weight as possible.

2024 Micro Commitments